One millennial debunks myths about millennials

By Koji Arsua, Senior Editorial Associate


As more and more millennials enter the workforce, senior management has discussed how they are reshaping the workplace and how to maximize their potential. Experts seem to point out that millennials, or those aged 18 to 34, are lazy, entitled, or high-maintenance. They are easy facts to assume, as this generation grew up being constantly praised by the adults around them.

These are accusations I myself have to face. As a millennial, it’s hard to step out of this perceived shadow. Luckily, I work for a company where most of the people, including my supervisors, are millennials, so the traits that Generation X see as liabilities are considered assets.


Bea Lim Asia Young Leaders Summit 2016 (2)

TeamAsia’s managing director Bea Lim showing the value of working with millennials


At the Asia Young Leaders Summit 2016, held at the Manila Marriot Hotel Grand Ballroom on February 24, managing director Bea Lim held a talk with other young leaders from various fields about the myths surrounding this controversial generation. Besides her expertise on integrated marketing communications (IMC), she’s a millennial, too!

For her talk, titled “I’m a Millennial, Too,” Bea listed the misconceptions about this group, and debunked each one of them:

  1. Millennials are really young. Therefore they are immature.


Bea shares that maturity does not necessarily come with age. She says that because of the fast-paced technology and social issues, our generation has to mature fast. These issues, from overpopulation to world hunger, have forced us to be aware of what’s happening around us, and in turn, help us make informed decisions that can solve those issues. I find this to be true. Whenever I see posts online about affected families of calamities and cute cats that need homes, it makes me want to help.


2. Millennials are job-hoppers. Therefore they are fickle-minded.


One accusation leveled against us is that we have no sense of loyalty. But according to Bea, this isn’t true. What people call job-hopping is courage to Bea, who thinks that job-hopping is a form of finding one’s place in the world. At the same time, she says that tenure doesn’t necessarily equate to loyalty, saying loyalty is coming to work every day and giving it one’s best shot.

I used to be a job-hopper myself, flitting from one post to the next. Now I can say that I have found my place at TeamAsia, where I feel like I am part of a large family that values what I contribute.

3. Millennials cannot survive without social media and gadgets. Therefore, they are easily distracted and incapable.


This one is true, but Bea believes that it’s only because we were born at the time technology progressed at lightning-speed. To harness this, she says that older  generations should learn from us to find more efficient ways to get the job done. As a generation that feeds on 9gag, BuzzFeed, and listicles, we know how the market thinks!

4. Millennials need to be handheld. Therefore they are needy.


This is, in fact, the opposite. We want autonomy in the workplace, but at the same time, crave for mentorship. Like a typical millennial who grew up being praised for everything I do, I want to achieve things without training wheels. I agree when Bea said that we are focused on the here and now, and that we want to learn as much as we can so we can contribute efficiently to the bottomline.

5. Millennials do not want to pay their dues. Therefore they have a sense of entitlement.

Older generations feel that we do not want to pay our dues, but Bea says we do. Right away. Because of the many things happening around the world, we want to accomplish as much as we can and leave our mark. There’s just so many things to do! Bea added that it’s not a sense of entitlement, but living in a world where there are no boxes, walls, or borders.


Bea summarized her talk by saying that the traits attributed to millennials can also apply to older generations. To create synergy, she advised the crowd that institutions should have a sense of teamwork, a company culture that resonates with employees, and open communication.


Bea Lim Asia Young Leaders Summit 2016 (3)

Bea Lim Asia Young Leaders Summit 2016 (1)

Lim and her fellow judges Apollo Tiglao, President and CEO of Subic Water; Raymond Abrea, Chief Strategy Officer of Abrea Consulting Group; Raymond Rufino Executive Vice President of The Net Group; Bryan Benitez McClelland, Founder of BAMBIKE (Bamb EcoLogical Technology Inc.); Iyah Enciso, Chief Executive Officer of FAD School for Modelling; and Troy Limbago, Director for Training of IBEX Global


“Our workforce is 90% millennials,” she said at the Asia Young Leaders Summit 2016. “And it makes me proud when clients ask their age during pitches. TeamAsia is built on millennial minds, millennial ideas, and millennial execution. We have to adjust to them if we want to innovate.”

Whoever said that youth is wasted on the young sure haven’t met millennials.

TA Goes to The Chosen Children Village

By J Darell M. Sapin, Web Development Supervisor

TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village

The marker that welcomes visitors to Chosen Children Village Foundation in Lalaan II, Silang, Cavite

It is always better to give than to receive – that has always been true to me since I started giving Christmas gifts to my godchildren. It just warms my heart to see the little angels’ faces light up.

It all started last July 2014 when our IT and Web Director, Jeff Enriquez and I talked about conducting our own CSR.  The first one I thought of was the Chosen Children Village Foundation (CCVF) since it has been very close to my heart since my first visit four years ago.

Last December 21, 2015, we gathered 20 boxes of donated Milk Magic products and set out for the Chosen Children Village Foundation (CCVF) in Lalaan II, Silang, Cavite.  AC and Marvin from the IT and Web Department, as well as Zyra, Ayen, and Teresa from the Experience Department accompanied me on the trip. We were greeted by the cool and refreshing climate of the place. It was entirely different from the hot weather in Alabang. We were given a brief background on how CCVF came to be and the success stories that have happened in the village. One of our new found friends, Charlie, suffered from hydrocephalus and a walking disorder as a child, but is now healthy and able to walk without crutches.

CCVF is a non-profit organization that aspires to provide a permanent home for abandoned, neglected, and surrendered children / adults who are mentally and physically challenged. For security purposes, we were not allowed to take solo pictures of the children. CCVF admits that the foundation provides early intervention to children between one to nine months old and those who cope with multifaceted delays. Through its adoption program, CCVF places children in permanent homes locally and even internationally. Children who don’t get adopted grow up in the village and are trained at The School for Chosen Children to maximize their potential to become productive members of society.

TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village 2

(L-R) TeamAsia employee AC Esguerra, Chosen Children Village Foundation Executive Director, Ms. Che Naval, TeamAsia’s Ayen and Teresa, that’s me beside Marvin.

As our donations were unloaded, we were warmly greeted by Ms. Che Naval and her colleagues, the teens and young adults of CCVF as well.

We played a few games with them, namely basketball and volleyball. The CCVF team was very happy, and so were we.

TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village 3

Ayen from TeamAsia’a Experience Department serving the ball.

TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village 4

Marvin of TeamAsia’s IT and Web Department playing volleyball with the kids.

We were then given an hour to freshen up before dinner time. While we waited for dinner, TeamAsia visited the children in the different cottages within the village.

TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village 5

Ayen and Teresa posing at the logo hedge of CCVF

TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village 6

Marvin and AC posing at the logo hedge of CCVF

A bell rang that meant dinner was ready. We proceeded to the dining hall where we were greeted by the children. We saw the boxes of Milk Magic beside the gifts under the Christmas tree.

TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village 7

The 20 boxes of Milk Magic products that have been donated by TeamAsia

CCVF welcomed us and thanked us for our help in ensuring the continuity of the foundation.  

The children prepared a short song and dance number to show their appreciation for the support that TeamAsia has given. It was so much fun that even our very own AC and Ayen joined in their performance!


TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village 8 TA Goes to the Chosen Children Village 9

The IT and Web, and Experience Team enjoying the Welcome Dinner at CCVF

It was a heartwarming experience to spread the love and joy of giving back to our community. In her welcome speech, Ms. Che mentioned that hopefully our visit will not be the last. We went home feeling fulfilled knowing that we are not just a world class integrated marketing communications company but also a champion of CSR.

Hope you enjoyed reading our experience. For the full album, you can see it here. To know more about CCVF, you can check it out here.

(Photo credit:  Ms. Teresa Espino)

Making Christmas Merrier

By Elymae Valeriano and Valerie Delos Reyes, TeamAsia Marketing and Accounts Department Interns

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

It has been a great year filled with blessings. And as everyone was preparing for the festivities that come with the season, we were also sharing some Christmas cheer on our own! We were fortunate enough to meet  many kids who did not only make us smile but also taught us about the essence of the Yuletide season.

It is about giving back the blessings we received and share them to people who were not as fortunate as all of us. Ultimately, it’s about spreading joy and love!

For this year’s My Dream in a Shoebox, TeamAsians together with several sponsors gathered once again to bring the spirit of the season to kids from various parts of the world. As interns, this was our first time to join a CSR event and our experience was nothing short of amazing.

Though it was raining hard during our My Dream in a Shoebox gift-giving event, all volunteers soldiered on despite the inclement weather. Upon arrival at the venue, other volunteers were already unloading the shoeboxes for distribution. We were astounded by the number of shoeboxes that were delivered, we were so sure that through these gifts we can make the kids smile and enjoy the holidays.

Making Christmas Merrier 1

Making Christmas Merrier 2

The program started with a prayer, followed by parlor games. We were able to share with the kids the fun of the activities by guiding them through the various obstacles. We were also entertained by the fact that the kids were really giving the games their all, knowing that various surprises await the winner.


We also had story telling by our very own Ma’am Monette. It was heartwarming to see these children with big smiles on their faces. They were so excited to receive their gifts.
When the gift-giving came, one by one we saw the faces of the kids light up as they received the shoeboxes filled with school supplies. It was truly an emotional experience that opened our eyes to the importance of the day’s events and the preciousness of each and every dream that we were able to enrich that day.

Making Christmas Merrier 3

We are really thankful that we met these kids, because they made us realize the essence of the season. We were able to open our eyes about their plight and how we as individuals can help them move past this and achieve bigger dreams and grander goals.

Making Christmas Merrier 4


The experience of meeting and spending time with these kids was enough to make us smile. And for us, that’s enough to make our Christmas a tad more merry.


So Happy TA-gether!


The TeamAsia family celebrating the success of another year

TeamAsians either spend their days sitting down and creating campaigns or running around making events happen. Not to toot our own horn, but it’s this dedication to our craft that helps us bring brands and ideas to life. But even if we love our job, we love to party, too!  

On December 18, we took our work hats off and replaced it with Santa hats as we closed another successful year with a street party at the South Bay Clubhouse in Paranaque City. Because if we can rock conferences and bring in lots of publicity, we know how to throw a killer bash.


Mrs. Hamlin’s famous paella, a hefty dish that can serve an army of hungry IMC professionals (Photo from @monettehamlin)

Besides the sumptuous dinner (the highlight of which was President Monette Iturralde-Hamlin’s famous paella), colorful cocktails, and raffle prizes that ranged from useful gift certificates to personal refs to even a flat-screen TV. TeamAsians also gave entertaining performances, with Drew Liberato channelling his creative energy for creating  digital campaigns to choreographing the winning dance for his team performed to a mashup of OPM songs.

Winning Dance

Drew Liberato, Florence Joy dela Cruz, and Cid Santillan showing everyone how it’s done


Denise Limon [center] accepting her TeamAsian of the Year Award. With her are [L-R] Web Development Director Jefferson Enriquez, Finance Director Maricel Salialam, President Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, Experience Director Pamela Jocson, Managing Director Bea Lim, and HR Officer and Executive Assistant Beverly Aguilar

One of the highlights of the night was the awarding of exceptional employees with recognitions and funny awards. Marketing and Accounts Director Denise Limon won the most awards that night, taking home the Carpe Diem Award, the Fully Present Award, and TeamAsian of the Year for the passion, dedication, and optimism she brings to work every day. You go, Denise!

Rookie of the Year Award

Gagni in tears as he received an Oscar, we mean, the Rookie of the Year Award

Content associate Elton James Gagni, only five months into the job, was awarded Rookie of the Year for his focus and enthusiasm for the International IT-BPM Summit 2015 and the 2015 ASEAN Corporate Governance and Awards. Elton was so overwhelmed that he accepted the award in tears, as if he received the Best Actor Award at the Oscars.

From Rookie of the Year, TeamAsia also recognized the experts in their fields. The company awarded the following members for their continued passion and loyalty, which inspire others to work the same way:

  • Patrick de Jesus, Creatives – Three years
  • Marvin Desuasido, IT & Web – Three years
  • Leo Halili, IT & Web  – Three years
  • Drew Liberato, Content – Three years
  • Cid Santillan, Accounts – Three years
  • Raymond See, Creatives – Three years
  • Edna Leona, Accounting – Five years
  • Nina Oli-Roy, Content – Five years
  • J Darell Sapin, IT & Web –  Five years
  • Zyra Millamina-Sapin, Experience –  Five years
  • Gary Aure, IT & Web – Seven years

For his sense of humor and the joy he brings to the people around him through hashtags and catchphrases, newly-appointed Accounts Supervisor Cid Santillan was awarded the Hashtag Award.

Like Cid, Program Manager Darwin Santiago was awarded the Talk Show Award for knowing the latest office chika and his eagerness to share it, as well as the Wikipedia Award for having an answer to everything, may it be right or wrong. Knowing Darwin, he probably knew he was going to be awarded for both before it was announced.

Behind every successful digital campaign is a skilled web developer, and one of TeamAsia’s best is Marvin Desuasido, who was awarded Mega Efficient for his eagerness to create innovative websites and mobile apps (His team also designed this awesome blog!).

Equally skilled but easily distracted is Associate Editor Immanuel Pastolero, who was given the Shiny Silver Syndrome Award. Are you still with us, Pasty?

Other fun awards included:

The  Facebook Award – Creative Director John Gonzalez

The Human Vulture Award – IT Associate AC Esguerra

Kaladkaring Friend Award – PR and MR Manager Jennifer Fidel

TeamAsia also recognized remarkable employees by giving out department awards for their outstanding work. The winners of the departmental awards were:

  • Joerilyn Mae Milla, Accounting
  • Kia Sta. Ana, Marketing and Accounts
  • Florence Joy dela Cruz, Content
  • Lien Dimzon, Experience
  • Michael Alac, Creatives
  • AC Esguerra, IT & Web

At TeamAsia, we believe in making our clients happy, and at the same time, having fun while doing it. If the company can provide award-winning service to their clients, they sure don’t hold back with their employees!

Cheers to 2015!

2016, we’re ready for you!

Halloween gone Mad Creative!

By Jemimah Dadula, Account Executive

For me, Halloween was never a big deal. I never dressed up in a costume; I never hauled candies in a pumpkin bag.

BUT I was one of the chosen and we were called for a meeting to organize a Halloween Pop Up for all the people in the office. We brainstormed of pranks and gore. We really wanted our Halloween to be a freaky one. Eventually, we decided on a mix of C.S.I. and X-files.

TAKOT 2015


It started when we sent out this eDM to the whole office. Everybody got excited about the contest and started thinking of their original crime story.

I actually was amazed with everyone’s preparation for Halloween.  And just like Christmas, the office was fully decorated in RED but in a creepy kind of way – with blood and dark rooms. Besides the Caution tapes and the bloodied tissues, we decorated our faces with the appropriate crime scene makeup, too!

TAKOT 2015 Wow

There was a rivalry between our team and the Halloween-contest-two-peat Content department. They’ve been consecutively bagging awards since 2013. This year, they opted for a hair-raising psycho-thriller mass murder story. Here they are posing for a creepy selfie:

Takot Selfie

Our team, the Marketing Accounts Department (MAD) teamed up with Creatives… We actually called ourselves The Mad Creatives. Get it? We stuck with the concept of “Ouija Board Gone Wrong” and even shot a CCTV video of the whole thing. Talk about effort, right?

Guess what? We actually won against Content’s mass murder and the Finance-Executive’s rubber duckies homicide! Of course, there won’t be a contest without our beloved clients to judge each department’s narration. They even wanted to celebrate Halloween next year TeamAsia style!

Yay to the amazing Halloween committee – Anna P., Denise, Vince, Lien! I have to quote Bea (our awesome Managing Director) on this, “It was the best TAkot ever!”


Interesting Read: Boosting women’s health, powering women’s hearts and minds

They say health is wealth, and though we may consider it a cliche, those five words still holds resonance today. With more and more Filipinos suffering from various life-threatening diseases, the need for a healthier lifestyle is becoming more and more apparent.

TeamAsia President Monette Iturralde-Hamlin’s article on keeping healthy especially for Filipinas has been recently published in Business Mirror, and we are more than happy to share it with you to remind you that your journey to health starts today.


They say people die of a broken heart. I must be walking dead then since it’s happened twice in the last three years. Seriously though, I was intrigued when the topic of the Women’s Business Council’s WomenBizPH Talks last month bannered “Boosting Women’s Health, Powering Women’s Hearts and Minds.”

Our first speaker was prominent cardiologist Dr. Maria Adelaida “Leni” Iboleon-Dy, chairman of the Philippine Heart Association Council on Women’s Cardiovascular Health. As her many accomplishments were mentioned, what struck me most was that here was a tall, gracious and beautiful woman who has made it to the top in a field dominated by men. What an outstanding testament to womanhood! And instead of just resting on her laurels, she has been campaigning for women’s health.

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. That’s what they call the broken-heart syndrome, Leni shared. Most often seen in post-menopausal women, Takotsubo is brought about by recent severe emotional or physical stress. Emotional stress can be triggered by the death of a loved one, relationship breakups, arguments with a spouse, or constant anxiety due to financial problems. Physical stress examples include acute asthma, surgery, chemotherapy and stroke. First studied in Japan, this stress-induced cardiomyopathy has symptoms similar to a heart attack. It can be lethal, but could clear up in four months if treated right.

Leni urged us to take care of our health, as heart disease is the No. 1 leading cause of death in women regardless of race or ethnicity. In fact, she said one in three women dies of heart disease, compared to one of 30 who dies of cancer.

Leni was on a passionate quest to wake up women to the reality that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major public health issue, and to make them lead healthy lifestyles as a preventive measure. Because women have a higher tolerance for pain (due to childbirth), women are more difficult to diagnose, and are more likely not to get appropriate treatment following a first heart attack. As Leni said, we tend to “tough it out” more than men. Women also have different symptoms from men, ranging from a “doomed” feeling, or being “suddenly very tired,” vomiting or having indigestion.

Leni categorized the risk factors for CVD into what can be changed and what cannot. The bad news is that we can’t do anything about heredity, about being women, or about getting older, especially when we hit menopause. The good news is we can adopt healthier lifestyles by quitting smoking (and staying away from secondhand smoke), eating healthier, exercising, controlling weight gain, and taking the necessary medication for conditions like high blood cholestrol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Leni recommended vigorous activities like brisk walking, running or swimming, or even dancing for at least 30 minutes, six days a week to get the heart and lungs in top condition. As for nutrition, it was best to avoid cholesterol-rich food and fad diets that promise quick results, and instead opt for a healthy, balanced diet.

Another casualty of aging is our minds. “My yesterdays are disappearing, my tomorrows are uncertain, so what do I live for? I live for each day. I live in the moment.” Quoting neuroscientist and author of Still Alice, our second speaker Gina Lumauig, director of Communications of Neeuro Pte. Ltd., Singapore, highlighted the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention to close the treatment gap for dementia.

Dementia, a syndrome caused by different brain illnesses, affects memory, thinking, behavior and the ability to perform everyday functions. There are an estimated 44.4 million people worldwide suffering from dementia. Meanwhile, according to the Dementia Society of the Philippines, an estimated 200,000 Filipinos suffer from dementia, with many more having to live with the problems the illness brings, not just as patients but as caregivers.

There are things that we can do to keep our brains fit, such as being fit physically, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, laughing and volunteering. Writing by hand is one of the best ways to sharpen our mind.

We all had so much fun while learning how important it is to keep our bodies, hearts and minds healthy. But more than the fun and the learning, it was great bonding with other women at the Women’s Business Council (WBC).

WBC provides a platform for discussing women’s issues in business and finding solutions to challenges women face in the conduct of their business. WBC is working with the Department of Trade and Industry to organize the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Public-Private Dialogue on Women and the Economy in September 2015. And it looks like we’ll be very busy mounting this.

So, is it possible to die of a broken heart? According to Leni, yes. Can it be cured?  Yes.  Can we delay the onset of dementia? According to Gina, yes. So, ladies, let’s start living healthy.

Harness information, power nations, and connect the world in IIS 2015

International IT-BPM Summit 2015

Are you excited for the upcoming International IT-BPM Summit this October?

Yes, we are! TeamAsians are all pumped up and excited for this year’s IIS. So better watch out as we gather all pieces together in preparation for the grand #IISPH2015 day.

For more updates, regularly visit the IIS blog at

We got recognized by DOLE!

Last Wednesday, we were recognized by the Department of Labor and Employment as one of the most compliant companies to the general labor standards. We also got a certificate of compliance for following occupational safety and health standards.

We are so happy to be recognized because of the work we are doing to improve the lives of our TA wonders because they are at the heart of everything we do here at TeamAsia.

See how excited we were? A selfie was in order =)

See how excited we were? A selfie was in order =)

TeamAsia is one of the first 18 companies recognized by DOLE out of the 288 member companies of the Information Technology and Business Process Management Association of the Philippines. The award was received by TeamAsia managing director, Bea Lim, last April 29. 

10 Awesome DigicatsPR Moments

Exactly one month ago, we decided to document all of our silliness on Twitter as a sort of online scrapbook of our most cherished moments as part of the TeamAsia family. Life is fleeting and in some ways this helps remind us—especially during such high-stress times—just how much fun we’re actually having together.

Don’t ask me or any of us Content people what the significance of the Twitter handle ‘DigicatsPR’ is, because I doubt we’ll be able to explain where that came from or how that term even encompasses us all. It just does.

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