Five films to catch up on during the ECQ

By Elton James Gagni, Senior Editorial Associate

Since the enhanced community quarantine took effect, we’ve gotten creative with our ways of coping. While work from home keeps us busy most of the time, we also need to learn to set boundaries as we continue to tread uncharted waters.

As the saying goes, it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Well, it has certainly been more and for me, it’s watching at least one film after work just to cleanse and relax my mind from writing articles and handling a crisis. Here are some recommendations that I keep coming back to and hopefully, these titles would help you laugh a little, outstress you from work, tease your mind, or simply keep your feelings in check.

I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017)


As far as mainstream Filipino romantic comedies go, I’m Drunk, I Love You shies away from the usual grand gestures and dramatic lines, and ultimately keeps it fresh, real, and simple. It captivates you to be part of the fun and also aspire to have the kind of friendship that they have. It may be one of the most chill romcoms out there in terms of narrative and storytelling, but it still packs a punch with their hugot lines, tucked in nicely between moments and conversations.

Interstellar (2014)


Our natural curiosity towards the unknown is what keeps Interstellar relevant up to this day. While we’ve had numerous features on space exploration, no other film has done it as much justice as Interstellar. Set during a time when the Earth is slowly succumbing to death, it tackles the lengths that a parent would go to keep their children safe, and let them have a brighter future, even if it’s on another planet. 

Coco (2017)


While everyone loves Frozen, let’s not forget Coco and its take on family and traditions. Set during the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, this film focuses on Miguel’s journey to become a musician, even if it’s against his family. Finding himself in the land of the dead, Miguel must now search for a way to come back and still pursue music or risk being one of the dead permanently. Also, prepare for waterworks, especially when Remember Me finally kicks in.

Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) (2016)


Considered as one of Japan’s most successful animated films, Your Name perfectly combines the beauty of Japanese animation, an unconventional love story, and superb musical scoring. Your Name is about highschool students Mitsuha and Taki who have recurring incidents of switching bodies when they wake up. While they’ve grown fond of living each other’s lives, what happens when it suddenly stops after a meteor crash?

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


I believe we can all agree that Thor: Ragnarok is one of the best, if not the best, non-Avengers film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Why is this part of the list? Well, here are five amazing reasons: (1) Chris Hemsworth as MCU’s resident funny man Thor; (2) Tom Hiddleston as the sly and shady Loki; (3) Tessa Thompson as the drunk kickass Valkyrie; (4) the one and only Cate Blanchett as the Goddess of Death Hela; (5) Taika Waititi. Enough said.

While five may be a short list, here are some honorable mentions that are also worth going back to:

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)


The struggle of adapting books to screen has always been the faithfulness to the source material. Luckily, the silver screen version of The Hunger Games did not disappoint, but the most praise-worthy is the second film, Catching Fire. If you’ve read the book, you’d be amazed at how each scene pans out. It’s as if you see the pages flipping right before your eyes. From the Victory Tour to Katniss’ wedding dress reveal, even the entire 75th Quarter Quell, everything was perfect to a tee.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)


From one adaptation to another, The Devil Wears Prada gives you a glance of what happens in the fashion industry, on the surface at the very least. From Miranda Priestly’s (Meryl Streep) eloquence to the overall story and production, the film has earned praises from critics for improving on the book. While Anne Hathaway was one of the lead stars, it was Streep and Emily Blunt who took home praises for their effective and scene-stealing performances.

Parasite (2019)


Fresh from its winning streak, Parasite feels like a timely film to watch, given the social commentary it presents. For those unfamiliar, Parasite tells the story of how an impoverished family climbs the social ladder by latching on to a rich family, until the consequences of their actions come to haunt them. Fiction as it may be, many see the film as a reflection of society and the invisible lines we’ve created to divide ourselves in classes, dictating privileges, opportunities, even our respective futures.

Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013)


From a Korean family, let’s meet the Salazars who the Philippines is most proud of. Four Sisters and a Wedding continues to resonate with the people’s hearts because of its accurate portrayal of the complex relationships of a typical Filipino family. Mixed with different quirks and nuances, it balanced out comedic banters and big dramatic moments. It is an emotional and cheesy journey with a strong semblance of family at its core.

BuyBust (2018)


Finally, a film that I’m extremely proud of because it’s the first time that my dad didn’t fall asleep in the cinema. BuyBust is a social commentary on the administration’s war on drugs, showcased through a buy bust operation gone wrong. Similar to Parasite, BuyBust presents a fictional reality that holds water because of the short but powerful exchange between Nina Manigan (Anne Curtis) and Biggie Chen (Arjo Atayde). Why is it on the list? Because of its relevant message and also for the adrenaline junkies out there.

Watching films or reading books offer you an opportunity to be transported to different worlds, places, and narratives. Just like music, they can be a form of escape, a way to disconnect from reality even for just an hour or two, and relieve you of the stress or pressure that you feel from work.

We may have different ways of coping, especially in the midst of this pandemic, but the important thing is we keep ourselves and the people around us in check. And with the relentless heat of the summer season taking over, always remember to keep your water bottle close to stay hydrated while you add these films to your watchlist.

Looking Forward to the End

By: Justin Carlo Estor, Senior Digital Associate

When you watch a movie or your favorite TV show, you sometimes find yourself trying to guess how it will end: will good win over evil? Will the true villain reveal itself? Will there be a part two? In the case of this pandemic, however, what you really long for is a happy ending, and you want it  to come as soon as possible.

As a TeamAsian, you tend to overlook the daily musings of everyday work life: making sure the elevator reaches the 18th floor before 9:01 a.m., figuring out where to get your lunch, thinking if  you wanna walk to CENA (arguably the office’s top foodie destination) or if you just wanna order from FoodPanda, and even considering whether or not you need to go overtime for a deck or if you can pull it off tomorrow. These things are usually part of a possibly tiring cycle as a TeamAsian. However, this cycle isn’t something we get to experience today anymore – and it’s a cycle that, in my opinion, we’d surprisingly welcome to go back to soon.

The people you can call home inside the office

The people you can call home inside the office

We also want to go back to our office mates feeding us (Erika <3 Aire)

We also want to go back to our office mates feeding us (Erika ❤ Aire)

Apart from that, I think it’s a general feeling that people even in other organizations are experiencing right now:

“I miss the office.”

“I miss going out.”

“I miss eating at restaurants.”

“I miss talking to people… face-to-face.”

I miss hugging sad officemates, too (Don’t be sad, Darell)

I miss hugging sad officemates, too (Don’t be sad, Darell)

Some of these things you may have taken for granted when everything was still normal. Now, we’re stepping into what people call the “new normal” –  physical distancing, curfews, paranoid hand washing, and whatever you consider as a precaution in this pandemic.

Still, you can’t help but still wish for things to go back to the way they used to be, and a part of me is saying that it will.

Instead of hating being stuck at home, we’ll go back to ranting about long traffic lines.

Instead of hating on eating the same home-cooked meals, we’ll go back to getting mildly disappointed for wrong restaurant orders and gently asking for the correct dish, which is the one you ordered.

Instead of hating on becoming physically distant, we’ll instead chat about that one friend that forgot to pay their share on the bar tab.

Instead of hating on figuring out what to watch, we’ll go back to struggling to book a flight during a seat sale, but still being excited about the entire trip you’re planning.

Office Rant #43: “Why can’t this be an email?”

And once we’re back to ranting on all the things we seemingly dislike, we’ll realize that we actually loved these instances. Because, let’s face it, it really is easy to take most things for granted – especially when even the simplest forms of freedom are taken away from you. It’s safe to say that we now have a newfound appreciation for things we’re actually privileged to have – from being able to hang out with friends and officemates to simply being able to go outside.

I imagine myself, sitting back in my office chair, smiling after internally complaining about fully booked meeting rooms, water dispensers that go empty fast, and excruciatingly long meetings then thinking:

“We finally made it to the end. Things are back to normal. We can already start anew.”

So if you ask me, I’ll choose that cycle anytime over this pandemic, and I’ll be forever thankful once it’s over.

I’m really looking forward to it.

What binds us together

By Mayren Guico, Karen Mantukay, and Riely Monte, Content Interns

As the pandemic halted the world and changed the daily lives of people, we now experience the new world as the Enhanced Community Quarantine was announced and enacted. While others are sacrificing their lives to heal and protect the people from the virus, others are blessed to be working from home, away from the dangers of the pandemic. Working remotely has given not just employees but also interns a chance to continue their work life while ensuring that they are safe and with the comfort of their families.

Some are not as lucky to have the opportunity to work from home. But thanks to TeamAsia, we still get to learn and keep brands alive at the safety of our homes. Everything is exactly the same–the only difference is that we don’t get to see each other physically, and bond together like we do every now and then in the office.

Now that we’re on our 10th week of the work from home setup, we came to better understand what exactly binds TeamAsians together despite not being physically together. This very reason is also why we find motivation in waking up every morning, making coffee, and bracing ourselves for a fruitful day to connect with our colleagues and give our best shot as we usher to this new normal.

Every morning we look forward to our morning pop ups. It’s like a daily check in to see what we’ve been up to at home and how we’re coping with the current set up. It’s fifteen minutes of sharing and chatting with TeamAsians to ensure that even though we’re not physically together, we are never apart at heart. Aside from it being the perfect boost to our every morning, it also displays the kind of company TeamAsia is–that despite being not physically together, it’s not a hindrance to keep the company intact and motivated to face the day with vigor and gusto. Nobody is left out. Everyone is checked up by one another, because this is not a company that functions through individuality but rather in harmony achieved through inclusivity.

No one can deny the camaraderie every employee has in TeamAsia. It’s one thing to be in such a progressive and collaborative environment, but it’s also important to be in a headspace where you are cared for not only as an employee but also as a part of a family. This familial culture is reflected on the way TeamAsians work. This builds our identity–this is reflected on every piece of work we have done. This is why we value what we do, and this is why we are here.

For a company to function, employees should feel and want to be a part of it. This very familial culture of TeamAsia is exactly what binds us together. We live by it. This is how we keep our passion and brands alive.


Quick photo opp before Content and the interns proceed with the weekly Edboard

Quick photo opp before Content and the interns proceed with the weekly Edboard

TeamAsia family celebrating Next Level Experiences

TeamAsia family celebrating Next Level Experiences

TeamAsia celebrating Women’s Month by showing a sign of solidarity for equality

TeamAsia celebrating Women’s Month by showing a sign of solidarity for equality

TeamAsia’s 2019 Havana Nights Christmas Party

TeamAsia’s 2019 Havana Nights Christmas Party

TeamAsia’s Be Bright Family Photo

TeamAsia’s Be Bright Family Photo

keeping the fun

Keeping the fun through virtual lunchtime!

By: Jay Quilanita, Graphic Artist

The clock strikes 12. We know it’s lunch time again. Everyone is scramming! One by one, people are stepping away from their computers and getting ready to open their lunchboxes. Some of them will start running towards the pantry to secure the perfect seat to eat their perfect baon. The smell of savory dishes takes over on one side of the room while the aroma of creamy sauces lingers on the other. You hear laughs, loud voices from another room, and different dishes being passed around.The noise and commotion may be unpleasant to some people, but you don’t care because that’s how lunch time is supposed to be.

In TeamAsia, lunch time will always be a happy hour for everyone. It’s a time where we are able to take a break from work, a time to breath. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy the food you prepared or the meal you bought from a nearby store.

Ever since ECQ was implemented more than a month ago, a lot of TeamAsians have expressed how they missed eating together with their teams and being able to share what they have for their baon. But of course, TeamAsians love to eat and always get things done, so there’s no way this ECQ is going to stop us from doing what we love to do.

Every day, we have a pantry bantry, wherein various members of the team send out photos of their lunch via chat, some even send out their work in progress. We get to see different dishes, all equally appetizing. And by doing so, everyone feels like we’re all having lunch together, just like what we usually do inside the office. We get to see and taste (we let our imaginations go wild) what each TeamAsian is having for lunch. It’s like having a virtual pantry! Not only do we see scrumptious dishes, we also get to discover that a lot of TeamAsians have a passion for cooking.

Fried Tilapia

Fried Tilapia mixed with an experimental steak sauce by Jay Quilanita

Beef Caldereta

A savory lunch with Beef Caldereta x Fried Tanigue from Pam Jocson-Osasona

Lechong Paksiw

Truly Filipino lunch with Lechong Paksiw and Fried Dilis by J Darell Sapin

This habit of ours eases the feeling of missing everyone in the team. Our virtual lunchtime brings back that wonderful (almost nostalgic) feeling when the clock strikes 12 at the office and everyone heads towards the pantry. And even though we don’t have the opportunity to eat out together with our team right now, simply sending a photo of what we have for lunch makes us feel we aren’t miles apart and are still close with each other.

Healthy Dish

Healthy combination of fish, egg, and eggplant, with fried banana on the side from MIH.

Fried Fish

A classic combination of Fried Fish and Rice plus garlicky vinegar dip and even dessert by Hans Amancio

Pancit Canton ala MIH

Pancit Canton ala MIH

We still miss eating in the office pantry. We still miss having to share our baon with one another. We still miss having to talk about anything under the sun with each other while enjoying the comfort of our food. But as long as there’s a need to stay at home, when the clock says 12, virtual lunchtime will continue and the online fun won’t stop.

Be sponTAneous when things don’t go as planned

by Johanna Amancio, Media Relations Associate

Like a singer losing his voice or a bride getting stuck in traffic, nothing is more upsetting for an organizer than a plan going out of hand. When I was assigned to create a three-day program for this year’s TeamAsia geTAway, I knew I had to make a foolproof plan. After all, it was my first time being a part of the outing committee. After a few meetings, meriendas, and revisions with my fellow committee members, we came up with the theme “Slip ‘n Slide”—inspired by the huge inflatable island in our resort, MB Cove. With the help of our directors, the committee came up with an engaging plan, even for a group of rest-seeking individuals (including yours truly). But as they say, the future is promised to no one.

No power, no problem
After three hours of travel, TeamAsia made it to the MB Cove Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas. Our bus, however, was too big to enter the resort’s parking space so we had to make a short walk to the place. Upon reaching the resort, I had a sudden urge to dive into the sea and play for the rest of the day, but being the supposed adult that I am, I went to our designated room and began unpacking like the rest. Before I could even open my bags, one of my colleagues came in and said that there was no electricity. Power outages are not that uncommon especially in a remote area such as our resort. From my previous family outing, I learned that some areas in Batangas had a power distribution schedule so a brownout is nothing to me. But after three hours of travel and walking under the stupefying heat, I knew that such slight inconvenience can come a long way for some. Upon stepping out of our temporarily aircon-free room, to my surprise, I saw an active crowd. The power outage somehow kept everyone from locking themselves inside their rooms. Everyone was out, appreciating the place, playing cards and beer pong, and enjoying each others’ company. And just after enjoying our sumptuous lunch, the power was back at one!

TeamAsia geTAway 1

Letting nature take its course
After a brief siesta, we called everyone for a short game briefing. The game was a one-shot music video that each team can shoot in the afternoon before we play it during the evening program. In preparation for our President’s, Monette Iturralde Hamlin (MIH), talk in the afternoon, we took a personality test that would determine our temperament type. In a bright and sunny day such as what we had, a destructive storm is the last thing you would expect—but that was exactly what we got. Just as everyone started to put their ideas into action, a violent storm hit our area. Tents, plants and even the inflatables were all over the place just as everyone was running aimlessly, looking for a safe and dry spot. After the unexpected downpour, everyone entered their respective rooms and tried processing mother nature’s stunt. But despite being disruptive, I realized that a brief and violent storm was just what we needed after hours of scorching heat. It even gave way to a longer personal and rest time. Some even took this time to bond and share stories. After the rain, the resort staff also put the inflatables aside. But even without it, the team had an amazing afternoon swim together and had fun even with just each other’s company.

In the evening, right before dinner, MIH gathered us for a brief session about the personality test we took earlier that day. I learned that there are four temperament types namely Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic. I turned out to be a Popular Sanguine and just like everyone else, I was surprised to discover how on-point my characteristics were. The night ended with a bonfire session near the beach with a few cold drinks and warm company of each other.

TeamAsia geTAway 2

Improvising is the key
The next day was filled with adventure. Vince, Thea, Althea and I from the Content Department decided to go island hopping with Abi, Gena and Justin from the Experience Department and Enzo, Clarisse, and Joyce from the Marketing and Accounts Department. We went to the nearby islands, which are owned by two prominent politicians in the country. That day was filled with many firsts–my first boat ride, first island hopping activity, and my first coral injury. But despite our wounds, the fun must go on!

TeamAsia geTAway 3

In the afternoon, everyone was gathered to join the highlight of the outing– the obstacle relay in the inflatable island. But just as everyone got out of their rooms for the game, a heavy downpour struck our area again. With that heavy rainfall, it was almost impossible to go through the obstacle relay and the staff would not let us play in the inflatables until the rain stopped. But with everyone already by the shore, people began to improvise and started a game of agawan base (stealing base), which brought out the kid in us. After the storm, there was a go signal to use the inflatables. Though it may look easy from afar, using the inflatables was no easy task. It was slippery, bouncy, and made everyone fall on their backs. But now that I think about it, the short agawan base game became sort of a warm-up exercise for everyone, with the team running around and jumping in the shoreline. Everyone enjoyed the inflatable island particularly the human projectile inflatable slide. By the evening, everyone had a chill time over a fun trivia game.

Last Day
As expected, almost everyone was up late morning and had their breakfast. Some of us stayed in our rooms after and enjoyed an anime series called “The Promised Neverland”. By lunch, some of our colleagues were still swimming at the beach. I was so jealous and wanted to follow, but I had to tend to my wet clothes and towels. By noon, the teams were gathered just before our departure to declare the winners. And even if I enjoyed the activities from afar as a committee, I still felt like a winner because I got the rest and adventure that I badly needed. Throughout the geTAway, a part of me was consistently worried given that the outing did not entirely go as planned. Storms would come and go, the power would be out, and activities will be put to a halt. But at the end of it all, I learned that just like life itself, things won’t always go as planned. And sometimes, the key is to not wait for the perfect moment. Instead, let’s take the moment and make it perfect instead.

TAkot 2018: Happily Never After

TeamAsia TAkot

All Dressed Up And Ready To Scare

October 31, 2018, Alabang. Yesterday afternoon’s TAkot 2018 was a riot!

Every last Wednesday of the month, TeamAsia celebrates Pop Up, a beloved employee engagement activity where everyone stops work to get together for a few hours of fun, fellowship and camaraderie. It is also a time when birthday celebrants are greeted, and friends break bread (though it was barbecue, noodles and doughnuts yesterday). New employees are welcomed, but first, they have to either perform a talent or butt-spell their name, a hilarious exercise that has everyone cheering them on.

The most awaited of these monthly Pop Ups is Halloween. This time around, we moved Pop Up to Tuesday as many of our employees will be traveling to the provinces today to celebrate Undas, the Filipinos’ way of honoring their dead by visiting the cemeteries and coming together as families to pray and remember loved ones that have gone ahead.

Happily Never After was this year’s theme for TAkot. A twist on musicals that end happily and make everyone believe life is dandy, the theme had everyone thinking creatively of a different and unexpected ending for Halloween. One where you witness something terrifying and unnerving, and you are lucky enough to escape and tell the tale.

Five departments competed in the quest: Creatives with The Lion King, Digital/IT and Web with Moana, Marketing and Accounts with The Wizard of Oz, Experience with Trolls, and Content with The Little Mermaid. With imaginative minds and creative juices working overdrive, the TeamAsians delighted us with their productions, and made my job as judge difficult. Luckily there were other judges to spread the work around.

The Creative folks danced with abandon, representing the animal kingdom rejoicing the birth of the Lion King, when suddenly they removed their animal costumes and turned into zombies dancing to Michael Jackson’s Bad.

Starting with a video clip from Moana where she saves the island from devastation, the Digital/IT and Web boys danced to their own ditty of “mag walis, mag-bunot, mag-laba, mag-sampay” as their fitting welcome to the triumphant Moana, ably played by Chiara, who they then kill as “women are not allowed on their island.” Undertones of gender bias, but happily, we have our first female team member in what for the longest time was an exclusive male domain.

Pam’s baby Coco adorably dressed as a princess troll stole the scene from the Experience Department’s performance. Coco didn’t even cry when she was taken from her “dying” Mama Troll Queen’s arms and given to the Troll King as sacrifice. Abi Bibat ably led the group in singing.

Lynda surprised everyone with her singing for the Wizard of Oz, as the unlikely group of friends, Enzo as the Scarecrow, Joyce as the Tin Man, Erika as the Cowardly Lion, and Patrick as Dorothy hop-skipped their way through the Land of Oz. Aire as the Wicked Witch of the North and Denise as the Wizard herself completed the cast of characters. And when Erika the Lion received her badge of courage and stopped being cowardly, she pounced on Dorothy and killed her, then gave away Dorothy’s heart to the Tin Man and her brains to the Scarecrow. It was indeed a surprise ending, and a hilarious performance.

Content’s Little Mermaid’s story addressed the environmental crisis, weaving in undertones of the ocean’s desecration by the massive garbage and plastic being thrown into the sea. As Johanna, alias Ariel, sang longingly of exchanging her fishtail for feet so she could explore the earth, the other content staff swam, or rather bobbed, around. There was Luigi as a seahorse, Tony as a starfish, BeaF as an octopus, Ana as Nemo. Vince told the story, while the other team members served as extras or production staff; throwing the garbage and blowing bubbles in the air. Intent on achieving her dream, Ariel goes to Ursula, devilishly played and sang by Axl, complete with sidekicks Flotsam and Jetsam. Ariel gets her wish, while Ursula is caught by a fisherman. And once on dry land, hungry Ariel decides to stop by a kiosk to buy takoyaki, a popular Japanese street food made of octopus balls. Goodbye Ursula! A deadly twist indeed, reminding us that the garbage we throw out into the sea, end up in the seafood that we consume. Hats off to Elton, the master storyteller and scriptwriter!

After the performances, we headed off to the pantry to get food, while the young ones went around to collect goodies. It was heartwarming to see the little sons and daughters of our staff having fun and playing in TeamAsia.

And we all had fun dressing up! Bea was the evil queen holding a box with a heart, while I dressed up as Esmeralda of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The night before, Bea asked me to make her a crown for her outfit, and I remembered all those halloweens past when my children were young and we dressed up in outrageous costumes.

Soon it was time for butt-spell. We had a record number of butt-spells this time, with BVernie of Content doing it so fluidly it must have been cursive! Bea then announced the winners of the competition: Content bagged the first prize, followed by MAD and Creatives.

Takot 2018 was definitely a blast, an occasion for TeamAsians to unleash their creativity while having fun. I look forward to what our Pop Up team can come up with for the next one.

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Work and Play: What I learned about TeamAsia during my very first GeTAway

by Patrick de Jesus, Marketing & Accounts Department

Coming in as a new Accounts Manager in TeamAsia, I immediately noticed how the culture is a great combination of work and play. I enjoy the fact that working overtime is not encouraged, even though it’s a trend among agencies. Because my personality is a mix of serious and quirky, I realized that getting along with the team would be a breeze.


This is why when they announced the summer outing, I was sure that it would be an unforgettable experience even though Laiya, Batangas is a familiar place. The theme was Summer TAmbayan–very characteristic of the fun and laid back TeamAsia culture. In fact, we were given the liberty to do what we wanted upon arrival. I for one enjoyed the morning sunshine by the beach with my awesome teammates from the Marketing and Accounts department.


Being a new member of the TeamAsia family, I had reservations about spending time with the other departments; but everyone’s warm welcome and easygoing manner quickly washed away that feeling. The team activities especially helped me warm up with the others, as we were grouped in random. It was a great chance for me to get to know them better.


The “The Longest Waste Line” was a highlight for me. The goal of the game was to collect as much trash in the resort and beach front as we can to make the longest line of trash possible. Aside from honing our competitive spirit and uniting us as teams, the activity also served as an opportunity for everyone to take part in conserving the environment. It was a memorable experience that made an impact in the way I see the trash we leave behind.


Upon sunset, we concluded the day with a bonfire and a heartfelt speech by our principals. Afterwards, a handful of people decided to stay up to hang out or take a dip in the pool with music and some drinks. As I chatted and talked about life with my new colleagues under the stars, I realized that they are the bunch I want to stick around with. 

geTAway 2018

Even though I’ve only been with TeamAsia for over a month, people treated me as if they knew me so well. What’s more, it was interesting to see how everyone took the activities seriously all while having fun. It was a clear picture of how everyone is able to balance work and play–a culture that I personally look for in a company. It’s no fun when your colleagues treat you as merely colleagues, so I’m glad that in TeamAsia I feel like I am part of a family.