We got recognized by DOLE!

Last Wednesday, we were recognized by the Department of Labor and Employment as one of the most compliant companies to the general labor standards. We also got a certificate of compliance for following occupational safety and health standards.

We are so happy to be recognized because of the work we are doing to improve the lives of our TA wonders because they are at the heart of everything we do here at TeamAsia.

See how excited we were? A selfie was in order =)

See how excited we were? A selfie was in order =)

TeamAsia is one of the first 18 companies recognized by DOLE out of the 288 member companies of the Information Technology and Business Process Management Association of the Philippines. The award was received by TeamAsia managing director, Bea Lim, last April 29. 

Project Refresh

22 years in the business and counting. TeamAsia has had an amazing journey for the past two decades, seeing different industries rise and grow, learning and re-learning a variety of tools and technology meant to drive innovation in the marketplace and experiencing change in how people want to communicate, connect and engage. With constant change, experience agencies like us need to also dance to new beats, quickly adapting to not only what the market “needs and wants,” but also looking into what will make it even better – an always evolving vision.

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