Making a comprehensive remote internship work

by Mayren Guico, Karen Mantukay, and Riely Monte, Content Interns

An internship is a great opportunity to obtain work familiarity and knowledge. There may be times or changes that are new to us, but we use those moments to develop our character and ethics. It is more than learning how to make a good cup of coffee. It is a phase where an intern should learn how to discipline themselves, discover patience, utilize their strengths and reinforce their weaknesses.

The greatest challenge to our internship is probably the COVID-19 outbreak. As a precautionary measure, TeamAsia adopted a work-from-home scheme to guarantee the health and safety of its employees and that includes us interns. While we understand the situation and why the decision was made, working from home as interns is not easy as it seems. But thanks to technology, we have the tools we need to guide us to a productive and efficient remote internship experience.

Based on our collective experience, here are some tips that we would like to share with our fellow interns who are also experiencing remote internships at the comfort of your own home:

1. Set a schedule. It is important for your employers and colleagues to know when you will be working. This allows them to map out certain projects they can assign you to do based on your schedule. Set the best time where you can be productive and also remember to take a break. Create a schedule for your internship and make sure that everyone who needs to know it is well informed about it.

2. Avoid distractions. Working from home, you may have a tendency to procrastinate which will definitely affect your productivity level. Just like how it is necessary to create a schedule, it is also essential to have a workspace where you can avoid distractions. Turn off the television, skip the social media, and create a version of your own office where you can concentrate.

3. Be professional. You won’t be getting a lot of supervision at home unlike in the office. However, this doesn’t mean that you should no longer dress up. Act as if you are having an on-site internship. Remote internship is just the same as any regular internship which is why it should be approached the same way. Stay focused, organized, and always be professional.

4. Always communicate. Checking in with your supervisor and colleagues regularly is a good way to stay on track. It is a good way for you to stay motivated because you are able to report how much work you’ve finished. Constant communication also allows your supervisor to assign you tasks, keeping you focused for the entirety of your internship. Cement your relationship with your colleagues by staying connected with them even while working from home.

5. Be proactive. Working remotely offers you a lot of time and freedom but this doesn’t mean that you take them for granted. Just like in the office, never hesitate to ask questions, raise ideas, and ask for feedback. Doing so will give you chances to work on a variety of tasks which will improve your skills professionally. This may also make you stand out to your supervisors which will lead to exciting and interesting opportunities.

6. Put your best foot forward. Remote internships offer you an opportunity to show your commitment, dedication, and passion for work. Never lose sight of your goal even if these are extraordinary times. Do your best to gain skills and knowledge, and leave the best lasting impression.

Treat your remote internship like any other onsite internships. With technology, determination, and discipline, these tips will surely help you maximize your learning experience just as it has been for us. This also lets you build connections and enhance relationships, while creating an impact at your internship even if you are just at home.

The key to securing a comprehensive remote internship is to see it as an opportunity to earn great experiences that will help you succeed in the real world. Get creative, absorb the learnings, stay focused, and take the extra mile.


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