An inspiring story: Kids sharing their blessings!

By: Johanna Pineda, Marketing & Accounts Intern


I’ve always liked Christmas. It’s the season of giving, smiling and spreading love. Every Christmas, we have a family reunion where we eat together, enjoy games and exchange gifts. The highlight of our family reunion is watching the kids join the games and have them unwrap their gifts with bright smiles on their faces.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard about TeamAsia’s My Dream in a Shoebox Campaign. My heart was smiling with gladness and excitement to be part of this campaign.

It’s already the 8th year of TeamAsia’s My Dream in a Shoebox. We’ve brought hope and touched so many lives of underprivileged children around the Philippines through the 116,247 shoeboxes we’ve  already given for the past 7 years. And we’re continually making bigger dreams come true as we continue the My Dream in A Shoebox campaign this year.

I really love the idea! I like kids and I like the idea of alleviating poverty through bringing hope and by giving shoeboxes filled with school supplies, I know we’ve taken a big part of making their bigger dreams come true. I love seeing the beautiful smiles on their faces when they receive the shoeboxes.

My Dream in a Shoebox inspired me to inspire others.  I reached out to the people close to me and invited them to take part in our campaign.  I told my family, friends, church-mates and professors about it. They loved the idea of My Dream in a Shoebox and they gave school supplies and cash donations to help with the campaign. I am blessed and overjoyed to see people sharing the same vision of My Dream in a Shoebox.


Left: Timothy Raymund Geneston; Right: Matthew Raymund Geneston

One of the families who helped with our campaign is the Geneston family. They are known for being one of the generous families in our church, and they donated school supplies to My Dream in a Shoebox. They embody the spirit of giving and it’s so inspiring to see their kids, Matthew and Tim, sharing in our efforts. I’ve discovered that Matthew and Timothy bought and donated school supplies using their own savings!


Donations of the Geneston Family

They are already making a difference even at a young age. The world would be a better place if children are taught to share their blessings.  The Geneston family – and all our generous partners and donors – are making bigger dreams come true for underprivileged children.  

Be a part of the My Dream in a Shoebox campaign and make #BiggerDreams come true this year! To learn more, visit

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