TeamAsia invades Conceptrum!

By: Koji Arsua, Senior Editorial Associate

Let’s play a game. Given the three situations, which one would you rather be in and what would you do? Would you rather be wrongly accused of a crime and you have to prove your innocence, find the backup power source that will paralyze a town before time runs out, or to look for a psycho killer responsible for your friend’s disappearance?


Through Conceptrum in BF Homes, TeamAsians were able to experience all of these fictional scenarios by going through a series of mission-based game rooms. We were able to test out our investigative skills. And boy, was it fun!


Conceptrum has three rooms: Framed, where we had to go through several challenges to prove that we did not commit a crime that was being blamed on us; Blackout, which sent us on a mission to locate the power source before the town is enveloped by darkness brought on by power failure; and Deranged, where we raced against time while looking for a psychotic criminal who abducted our friend.


We were divided into six groups, where we tried one of the rooms. I was assigned as team leader for the second group for Deranged. Sadly, we were not able to complete the challenge and only managed to solve 85% of the puzzle. We ran out of time when we were trying to figure out the code for a locked box. It was so hard that none of the groups completed 100%!


AC Esguerra, Florence Joy Dela Cruz, and Monica Borja’s groups scored the highest with 90% for Blackout, Deranged, and Blackout, respectively.
Check out some of our photos below!

Pop Up Concentrum

Groups 4, 5, and 6 before we entered the game rooms. The atmosphere was a mix of nervousness and excitement because we didn’t know what to expect (especially in Deranged)


Team 6 after the Deranged challenge


Group 1 after the Framed challenge


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