So Happy TA-gether!


The TeamAsia family celebrating the success of another year

TeamAsians either spend their days sitting down and creating campaigns or running around making events happen. Not to toot our own horn, but it’s this dedication to our craft that helps us bring brands and ideas to life. But even if we love our job, we love to party, too!  

On December 18, we took our work hats off and replaced it with Santa hats as we closed another successful year with a street party at the South Bay Clubhouse in Paranaque City. Because if we can rock conferences and bring in lots of publicity, we know how to throw a killer bash.


Mrs. Hamlin’s famous paella, a hefty dish that can serve an army of hungry IMC professionals (Photo from @monettehamlin)

Besides the sumptuous dinner (the highlight of which was President Monette Iturralde-Hamlin’s famous paella), colorful cocktails, and raffle prizes that ranged from useful gift certificates to personal refs to even a flat-screen TV. TeamAsians also gave entertaining performances, with Drew Liberato channelling his creative energy for creating  digital campaigns to choreographing the winning dance for his team performed to a mashup of OPM songs.

Winning Dance

Drew Liberato, Florence Joy dela Cruz, and Cid Santillan showing everyone how it’s done


Denise Limon [center] accepting her TeamAsian of the Year Award. With her are [L-R] Web Development Director Jefferson Enriquez, Finance Director Maricel Salialam, President Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, Experience Director Pamela Jocson, Managing Director Bea Lim, and HR Officer and Executive Assistant Beverly Aguilar

One of the highlights of the night was the awarding of exceptional employees with recognitions and funny awards. Marketing and Accounts Director Denise Limon won the most awards that night, taking home the Carpe Diem Award, the Fully Present Award, and TeamAsian of the Year for the passion, dedication, and optimism she brings to work every day. You go, Denise!

Rookie of the Year Award

Gagni in tears as he received an Oscar, we mean, the Rookie of the Year Award

Content associate Elton James Gagni, only five months into the job, was awarded Rookie of the Year for his focus and enthusiasm for the International IT-BPM Summit 2015 and the 2015 ASEAN Corporate Governance and Awards. Elton was so overwhelmed that he accepted the award in tears, as if he received the Best Actor Award at the Oscars.

From Rookie of the Year, TeamAsia also recognized the experts in their fields. The company awarded the following members for their continued passion and loyalty, which inspire others to work the same way:

  • Patrick de Jesus, Creatives – Three years
  • Marvin Desuasido, IT & Web – Three years
  • Leo Halili, IT & Web  – Three years
  • Drew Liberato, Content – Three years
  • Cid Santillan, Accounts – Three years
  • Raymond See, Creatives – Three years
  • Edna Leona, Accounting – Five years
  • Nina Oli-Roy, Content – Five years
  • J Darell Sapin, IT & Web –  Five years
  • Zyra Millamina-Sapin, Experience –  Five years
  • Gary Aure, IT & Web – Seven years

For his sense of humor and the joy he brings to the people around him through hashtags and catchphrases, newly-appointed Accounts Supervisor Cid Santillan was awarded the Hashtag Award.

Like Cid, Program Manager Darwin Santiago was awarded the Talk Show Award for knowing the latest office chika and his eagerness to share it, as well as the Wikipedia Award for having an answer to everything, may it be right or wrong. Knowing Darwin, he probably knew he was going to be awarded for both before it was announced.

Behind every successful digital campaign is a skilled web developer, and one of TeamAsia’s best is Marvin Desuasido, who was awarded Mega Efficient for his eagerness to create innovative websites and mobile apps (His team also designed this awesome blog!).

Equally skilled but easily distracted is Associate Editor Immanuel Pastolero, who was given the Shiny Silver Syndrome Award. Are you still with us, Pasty?

Other fun awards included:

The  Facebook Award – Creative Director John Gonzalez

The Human Vulture Award – IT Associate AC Esguerra

Kaladkaring Friend Award – PR and MR Manager Jennifer Fidel

TeamAsia also recognized remarkable employees by giving out department awards for their outstanding work. The winners of the departmental awards were:

  • Joerilyn Mae Milla, Accounting
  • Kia Sta. Ana, Marketing and Accounts
  • Florence Joy dela Cruz, Content
  • Lien Dimzon, Experience
  • Michael Alac, Creatives
  • AC Esguerra, IT & Web

At TeamAsia, we believe in making our clients happy, and at the same time, having fun while doing it. If the company can provide award-winning service to their clients, they sure don’t hold back with their employees!

Cheers to 2015!

2016, we’re ready for you!

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