Halloween gone Mad Creative!

By Jemimah Dadula, Account Executive

For me, Halloween was never a big deal. I never dressed up in a costume; I never hauled candies in a pumpkin bag.

BUT I was one of the chosen and we were called for a meeting to organize a Halloween Pop Up for all the people in the office. We brainstormed of pranks and gore. We really wanted our Halloween to be a freaky one. Eventually, we decided on a mix of C.S.I. and X-files.

TAKOT 2015


It started when we sent out this eDM to the whole office. Everybody got excited about the contest and started thinking of their original crime story.

I actually was amazed with everyone’s preparation for Halloween.  And just like Christmas, the office was fully decorated in RED but in a creepy kind of way – with blood and dark rooms. Besides the Caution tapes and the bloodied tissues, we decorated our faces with the appropriate crime scene makeup, too!

TAKOT 2015 Wow

There was a rivalry between our team and the Halloween-contest-two-peat Content department. They’ve been consecutively bagging awards since 2013. This year, they opted for a hair-raising psycho-thriller mass murder story. Here they are posing for a creepy selfie:

Takot Selfie

Our team, the Marketing Accounts Department (MAD) teamed up with Creatives… We actually called ourselves The Mad Creatives. Get it? We stuck with the concept of “Ouija Board Gone Wrong” and even shot a CCTV video of the whole thing. Talk about effort, right?

Guess what? We actually won against Content’s mass murder and the Finance-Executive’s rubber duckies homicide! Of course, there won’t be a contest without our beloved clients to judge each department’s narration. They even wanted to celebrate Halloween next year TeamAsia style!

Yay to the amazing Halloween committee – Anna P., Denise, Vince, Lien! I have to quote Bea (our awesome Managing Director) on this, “It was the best TAkot ever!”


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