10 Awesome DigicatsPR Moments

Exactly one month ago, we decided to document all of our silliness on Twitter as a sort of online scrapbook of our most cherished moments as part of the TeamAsia family. Life is fleeting and in some ways this helps remind us—especially during such high-stress times—just how much fun we’re actually having together.

Don’t ask me or any of us Content people what the significance of the Twitter handle ‘DigicatsPR’ is, because I doubt we’ll be able to explain where that came from or how that term even encompasses us all. It just does.

Here are some of the awesome moments captured on @DigicatsPR so far, in no particular order:

  1. When April gave birth to all these sweet treats.

  1. When we leveled up our daily #cattendance with themed photos.

  1. When we learned that spring in the Philippines happens in a week.

  1. When the unlikely did the impossible and opened a stubborn jar of Sarangani Bay Milkfish.

  1. When Leanne took our raffle to the next level by donating a succulent.

  1. When this full-page called for a celebration.

  1. When this ‘Who Wore It Better’ happened.

  1. When ‘Accounts Person of the Day’ became a coveted title.

  1. When the Cats went on a field trip to SM Southmall.

  1. When this fabulous bunch joined the Global Happy Party for a #happyplanet.

If I could go over 10, I would. There are so many other moments that could have easily gone on this list if it weren’t limited to 10. All this in a span of just one month!

If you follow @DigicatsPR and your favorite moments didn’t make it on the list, please let us know what they are in the comments!

If you haven’t already, follow us @DigicatsPR on Twitter to check out what we’re up to. You’re most welcome to join in on the fun!

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